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Ophthalmology services provided in a hospital and community setting

This model is to work mainly within the community provision of optometry services within the community. It will enhance the community schemes and allow patient choice and right care in the right environment. Reduce clinical waiting times and referral to treatment times, shift outpatient activity from the acute trust to the community. The CCG used a survey to engage with patients on their thoughts of community optometry services.

You told us

Most people completing the survey had recent experience of using the service.  66% of those responding had used the service in the last year.

  • From those responding 40% of patients had a condition that required long term monitoring at the hospital and 59.5% did not.
  • From those patients responding 71% were happy to receive the monitoring with a local optician with 21.4% stating they would prefer to still be seen at hospital.
  • The GP practice was a preference for two respondents with two people stating other. The other were stated as:
    • Opticians who are more qualified
    • Depends on situation as to who I would want to see


What are we doing

The findings from the engagement activity will be added to any existing engagement which has already taken place in Calderdale and Greater Huddersfield.  The feedback from this and any other engagement activity will be used to inform and develop the SLENT model further and future pathways:

  • Consulted with clinicians and communications specialists and developed marketing material to further promote and inform the general public of the services available to them within the community.
  • We informed GP receptionists to sign post patients to Optoms for eye conditions.
  • A developed pathway that has factored in what patients have identified with traveling times and where they would like to get treated also to reduce consultant waiting times.



Ophthalmology services provided in a hospital and community setting