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A Big ‘Thank You’ from Calderdale CCG

Message from Dr Steven Cleasby, Chair of Calderdale CCG, and Robin Tuddenham, Accountable Officer, Calderdale CCG

Thank you. Thank you for everything you have done in every way to support our communities in Calderdale in response to the unprecedented challenge of the coronavirus pandemic. We are both proud of the role of Calderdale CCG has played, how you have adapted to the new ways of working, have shown tenacity and determination, and played such a pivotal part in our health and care response and the success of the vaccine programme.

This Sunday 4 July we are all coming together for Thank You Day, and we’re joining this national day of appreciation to say thank you to everyone who deserves it, while on Monday attention turns to the NHS as it turns 72 years old.

This year has been the most challenging year in NHS history, and in Calderdale our health and care system has risen to the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic. But we’ve only been able to do so through the support of countless volunteers, our colleagues at Calderdale Council and the wider public sector, and partners across Calderdale health and care provision services.

Despite recent challenges, these have been a great many sparks of light in the darkness of the pandemic.

‘Integration’ and ‘system working’ are things that have been spoken of a great deal over the past few years, but those terms seem too sterile and detached from what we’ve seen locally in the past 18 months or so. During our initial response to COVID-19 the barriers between organisations have fallen away to and given way to real, whole system working.

On Tuesday 15 December the first coronavirus vaccine was delivered in Calderdale, to Resham Bi, at Spring Hall Medical Centre. Since then more than 200,000 vaccinations have been administered to 130,000 people. This really is cause for celebration when you consider that around 215,000 people live in the borough.

Collaboration in Calderdale has led to the vaccination of all residents in Calderdale’s Care Homes being vaccinated by April, meaning that some of the most vulnerable among us were protected from COVID-19 as quickly as possible. And now we’re seeing younger people flock to walk-in vaccination sessions at venues like the Piece Hall and Calderdale College; sessions that couldn’t happen without the teamwork and solidarity we’ve seen in the face of adversity.

So, during this time of thanksgiving and reflection, we’d like to thank all of those people who’re keeping us going:

  • To the volunteers who are supporting the vaccination programme and the local response to the pandemic. Thank you.
  • To the vaccinators and their support teams, including those who have come out or retirement to lend us their expertise. Thank you.
  • To the staff in general practice, who are serving the public during the busiest period local health services have ever seen. Thank you.
  • To the people for our hospital trust and care homes, who have seen some of the worst effects of the coronavirus pandemic and continue to protect those most in need. Thank you.
  • To all of our key workers – not just those in the NHS, but in supermarkets, public services and more –  who have kept things going throughout all of the physical, emotional and mental hardship the last 18 months have brought; thank you.
  • Last, but not least, thanks to the people of Calderdale for their patience and understanding during a difficult period where the NHS has had to change the way care is delivered in many cases, and for embracing the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

The coronavirus pandemic may have changed a lot of things, but thanks to your support the NHS is still here for you, your families and your communities.

Thank you.

Steven Cleasby

Robin Tuddenham