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Any Qualified Provider (AQP) Audiology Providers (1718161)

1. Regarding the CCG:

Are adult hearing services currently being delivered through Any Qualified Provider (AQP) within the CCG?

NHS Calderdale CCG commissions AQP Adult Hearing services for over-55’s

Does the CCG use AQP for any other services provided? If so, what services?

Calderdale CCG commission AQP for the following services:-

•Adult Hearing over-55’s

•Non Obstetric Ultrasound




2. Regarding the CCG IF currently using AQP in the audiology service (IF NOT, please move to part 3):

The audiology services provided by AQP:

When did the CCG begin using AQP?

AQP Adult Hearing Services for over-55’s was procured in 2013 and accreditation of providers were extended in 2016

Who are the current providers for audiology services?

•Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust

•Complete Price Eyewear Limited T/A The Outside Clinic

•InHealth Limited

•Scrivens Limited

•Specsavers Hearcare

How many AQP providers does the CCG have?

As above – 5.

What percentage of provision is provided by private sector companies and NHS services within the CCG?

From April 2017 – September 2017, 39% were seen within the NHS and 61% in the private sector

Type of AQP service provided:

Are they a Consultant led service?

No, none of the AQP services are consultant led.

What are the current appointment waiting times for the Audiology service?

The waiting times are part of the Key Performance Indicators and all patients should be seen within 16 working days of referral.

What percentage of patients are fitted with bilateral hearing aids?

80% of patients are fitted with bilateral hearing aids.

From the total patients seen within the AQP Adult Hearing over-55’s:

Are the type of hearing aid that providers fit audited? If so, what make and model of Hearing Aids are used?

The CCG does not audit the hearing aids used by providers.

Does the AQP service provide balance/diagnostic services?

AQP Adult Hearing over-55s provides diagnostic physiological measurement as specified in the specification which includes contra-indications that are excluded from the service

Does the AQP service offer appointments for repairs or open clinics?


Referral to the audiology service:

Is a ‘Choose and Book’ system used for audiology referrals?


Can patients be directly referred to an AQP audiology service by their GP?


From what age of patient do they accept Direct Referrals?

55 years of age.

What percentage of referrals are a direct referral to an AQP audiology service?

All referrals are direct referrals.

Cost of the service:

What is the current contract value of the Audiology service provided by AQP?

AQP contracts have zero value. However, year to date expenditure suggests a forecast outturn for 2017-18 to be £434k.

Is the Audiology service being operated within the current contract value?

Not applicable – AQP contracts have zero value.

What is the current contract length for the Audiology service?

See below.

When is the current contract due to expire?

Accreditation was extended to all providers in October 2016 for 3 years. The current contract will expire on 30 September 2019. However any provider who wishes to do so can apply to the CCG to access the accreditation process.

Does the CCG have plans to continue using AQP for the audiology service after the current contract ends?

The contract does not expire for another 2 years therefore Calderdale CCG will not be making any decision at this time whether or not the service will be continued in its current format.

3. Regarding the CCG IF NOT currently using AQP in audiology:

Has the CCG used AQP to provide audiology services before?

Not Applicable.

When did the CCG stop using AQP in audiology?

Not Applicable.


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