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Non-Emergency Patient Transport (1516163)

1. What was the CCG’s annual expenditure on Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services in the Financial Years April 2013-March 2014 and April 2014-March 2015?



2. Is non-emergency patient transport currently commissioned by the CCG or the CSU?

Calderdale CCG commissions the services under a West Yorkshire wide consortium contract. Calderdale CCG is the lead commissioner for this contract.

3. How many journeys were undertaken during the time periods specified above? Please can you break the journeys down by type? E.g. bariatric ambulance, taxis with wheelchair etc.

The following information does not include abortive journeys or escorts and is provided in the format kept by the CCG.


27,363 – Total journeys excluding Extra Contractual Referrals (ECRS). We do not hold information on ECR breakdown.

Saloon car: 18,905; tail lift 1: 2,878; tail lift 2: 1,193; wheelchair 1: 3,328; wheelchair 2: 636; stretcher: 376; child: 44.

Transport for people who require support by 3 or 4 people as part of their transport (3 or 4 man lift) is not available as these journeys are managed as ECRs. Cost for ECRs is included in 2013/14 annual expenditure.


36,665 – Inward and outward journeys, including ECRs.

Child: 29; Saloon car: 26,450; stretcher: 641; Tail lift 1: 3,358; Tail lift 2: 1,591; Wheelchair 1: 3,478; Wheelchair 2: 1,02;, Discharge: 4,703 (tail lift/wheelchair), 3 man lift: 65, 4 man lift: 27.

4. What number of the journeys in the same specified time period were procured from off contract providers?

None were commissioned by the CCG.

5. What type of contract is held with the providers (i.e. Framework)

The contract is a fixed value (block) contract.

6. Who are the appointed contractual providers?

Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust

7. What are the performance standards they operate under (e.g. Discharge – 90% of patients to be collected in 4 hours of ready time. Categories for performance usually being Discharge from inpatient, travel time, arrival time, and departure time.

In 2015/16 the performance requirements are as follows:

Unscheduled PTS – 2 hours from booked ready time 95%

KPI1 94% of people picked up within 2 hours of their appointment

KPI2 (a) 83% of patients arriving between 0 and 120 minutes before their appointment

KPI2 (b) 96.5% of patient arriving between 30 minutes after and 120 minutes before their appointment

KPI3 91.5% of pre-planned outward patients picked up within 90 minutes of declared ready time

KPI4 96% of short notice outward patients picked up within 120 minutes after declared ready time.

8. For the period April 2014 to March 2015 how did the providers score on the performance standards.

With the exception of KPI2 (2a), the provider failed to meet the performance indicators in Calderdale as follows:

KPI1 Patients picked up within 120 minutes before appointment 92.9% (target 93%)

KPI2 (a) patients arriving 0 and 120 minutes before appointment 83% (target 82%)

KPI2 (b) patients arriving between 120 mins early and 30 mins late (95.9% (target 96.5%)

KPI3 patients picked up within 90 minutes of their appointment 90% (target 91%)

KPI4 Short notice bookings picked up within 120 minutes of declared ready 94.6% (target 96%)

Renal KPIs (March 2015)

KPI1 Patients should arrive in time for appointments

0- 30 minutes earlier 72.2% (target 95%),
0-60 minutes early 87.3% (target 100%),
more than 30 minutes late 0.6% (target 0%)

KPI2 Patients should be collected from their appointment in good time.

0-45 minutes 90.2% (target 90%)
0-60 minutes 98.4% (target 100%)

KPI3 of the patients travelling up to 10 miles 90% should have journey times of no more than 45 minutes
Achieved 98.5%

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