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Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services (1718071)

I would be grateful if you can answer the following question with regards to your current Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services (NEPTS) including renal, secure and high dependency transportation of patients, and where appropriate the transportation of staff. We appreciate that upon search you may exceed the regulatory number of hours and so in this instance we ask that you answer the questions in sequence until you have reached your limit and advise of those you were unable to accommodate.

1.   Who is your current and previous NEPTS operator (spanning the last 3 years or existing contract) – whichever is longer?

Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust (YAS) has provided services for more than three years and holds the existing contract.

2.   What is the current contract (s) end date (s) and are there any provisions for extensions?

The current contract expires on 31 March 2019.  There is no provision for an extension to the contract.

3.   Who or which body would the procurement of your future contract be made by?

The current contract is a collaborative contract across the 10 CCGs in West Yorkshire. The lead commissioner for this contract is currently NHS Calderdale CCG. If this is the case when the procurement process commences, NHS Calderdale CCG would be the contracting authority on behalf of those CCGs in the collaborative.

 4.   Please provide the name, address, email and telephone number of the person responsible for the commissioning of services and the same for the person responsible for reviewing contract performance.

Head of Contracting and Procurement

Please note that the information supplied was correct at the time of disclosure; however, such information can become outdated due to changes in staffing or changes in job role responsibilities.   For that reason, individuals’ names, work email addresses and telephone numbers have been removed.  Please email or call us for the latest contact details:


Tel: 01422 307400”

5.   Please provide the current Service Specifications in place across the contract (s).

The Service Specification in place is provided at Appendix 1 to this letter.

Please note that in making this service specification available we have redacted two names from the table at the top of page 1.  We have done this on the basis of applying Section 40 (2) of the Freedom Information Act.  This exemption covers the personal data of third parties where complying with the request would breach any of the principles in the Data Protection Act. Principle 1 of the Data Protection Act required that “Personal data shall be processed fairly and lawfully.” In particular, that “people’s personal data should be handled only in ways they would reasonably expect”.  As the individuals named are, in the case of the CCG staff member, not a member of its senior management or, in the case of the other, employed by the CCG, the CCG does not feel that releasing this information would not be “fair” or “reasonable” to those individuals.

6.   How is your current contract operated (in lots or as a whole)? What are the different budgets for these?

The contract operates as a block contract for all journeys.

7.   What is your forecast spend in the following years (please break this down by service: scheduled patient journeys excl. renal, renal patient journeys, high dependency, secure and staff (if this is not available then please provide the total spend)

The service is delivered under a block contract with scheduled, unscheduled and renal patient journeys provided within the block contract. The values for NHS Calderdale CCG

:a.      2017/18 –    £1,764,629

b.      2018/19 –   £1,764,629 + NHS inflation

c.      2019/20 –    Not available at this time

8.   Please provide KPI and Penalties measure in place across this contract and the most recent performance review of the same.

The KPIs are provided at Appendix 2 to this letter. 

KPI Performance as at May 2017 (as reported at 30 June 2017 contract meeting)
KPI 1 – % of patients picked up within 120 minutes before their appointment


KPI 2 (a) – % of patients arriving between 0 and 120 minutes before their appointment


KPI 2 (b) – % of patients arriving between 120 minutes early and 30 minutes late for their appointment


KPI 3 – % of pre-planned outward patients picked up within 90 minutes after declared ready time


KPI 4 – % of SN/OD outward patients picked up within 120 minutes after declared ready time


KPI 1 – Patients should arrive in a timely manner for their appointments


86.6% for patients who arrived no more than 30 minutes

99.8% for patients arriving no more than 60 minutes

KPI 2 – Patients should be collected in a timely manner following their appointments


91.3% for patients who were collected within 45 minutes


97.0% for patients who were collected within 60 minutes

KPI 3 – Of the patients travelling up to 10 miles, 90% should have journey times of no more than 45 minutes 96.4%


There are no penalties in the contract other than those attached to NHS standard contract National Quality Requirements.

 9.   Please provide the current Patient Transport Eligibility policy and what are your provisions for revision to this?

We are currently undertaking a review of Eligibility Criteria which is expected to be completed during 2017/18.  The current policy is provided at Appendix 3.

10.  What is your policy on transporting Escorts? Do you currently make payment provisions for this?

 Escorts are transported with patients receiving Passenger Transport Services under the block contract.  No extra payment is required.  The requirement for an escort is assessed by a Health Care Professional.  Transport is provided to escorts to and from outpatients’ appointments.  It is provided to escorts who are travelling to the hospital with a patient who is going to be admitted but not routinely provided for the return journey, i.e. when the escort is no longer escorting the patient.


Appendix 1 – Service Spec        

Appendix 2 – KPI        

Appendix 3- Eligibility

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