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The grid block won’t show content until content has been added. Makes sense. This is 1×1

This is 2×1

This is 3×1

This is 2×2

This is 1×1

This is 1×1

You could even build a full page using this grid block

This is 1×2

This is 1×1

This is 1×1


Link Grid Title

The Links Grid can have a title and sub-title text. Then a grid of links can be built up, however many that you need. You can only select the colours from the pre-determined brand colours of NHS. Selecting any other random colour will not work. See the currently selected colour for Grid Item Text Colour. It doesn’t work.

Content inside a paragraph block. The idea of the accordion block is that there is a title, which is always visible, and the expanding content that can be any content. You can use combinations of any Gutenberg blocks. See below…

Accordion header 2

This is 2 columns with an image in the left column and a paragraph in the right column