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For some people, coronavirus (COVID-19) can cause symptoms that last weeks or months after the infection has gone. This is sometimes called post-COVID-19 syndrome or “long COVID”.

How long it takes to recover from COVID-19 is different for everybody.

Many people feel better in a few days or weeks, and most will make a full recovery within 12 weeks. But for some people, symptoms can last longer.

Visit the NHS website to find out what the symptoms of long COVID are.

Helping you to manage your COVID-19 recovery at home

If you have had COVID-19, you may still have some physical symptoms, such as, breathlessness, a cough, and a lack of energy. You may also have psychological symptoms, such as feeling scared or anxious, depressed, having trouble sleeping and struggling to remember or concentrate.

These symptoms, both physical and psychological, are common. Your Covid Recovery is a NHS website designed to help people recover from the long-term effects of coronavirus. It includes information from experts about how to manage them and look after your health and wellbeing. It also includes information on returning to work, and a helpful section for family, friends and carers of people who are recovering.

Visit the Your Covid Recovery website

When to seek more help

If you are concerned about any of your symptoms and it has been four weeks or more since you became unwell with COVID, contact your GP and ask them about “long COVID.”

They should offer you an initial consultation and provide access to any further assessments or care they determine that you need, and signpost you to sources of further support.

You can find out more about the types of questions your GP will ask on the Your COVID Recovery website

It is normal for it to take several months to recover from a viral illness and often longer with COVID -19. However, if your symptoms are not starting to improve and your GP has found no other reason for them they can refer you to a specialist Post COVID assessment clinic.

What is a Post COVID assessment clinic?

The clinic brings together a wide range of healthcare professionals including doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and psychologists to offer both physical, psychological and rehabilitation needs assessments.

A member of the team will contact you initially to ask you about your symptoms and how they are affecting your everyday life. You will be required to complete some questionnaires before accessing the service, and there is some guidance for your GP on which tests should be completed before referring you.

Most people are then offered support from a number of services both physical and psychological which have been designed to support people suffering from Long COVID. Most people start to improve slowly after receiving support from the teams.

The Calderdale Post COVID assessment clinic is run by Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust. The service can only be accessed through a GP referral. Under 18s would require a referral by their GP to the Paediatric team at Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust. 

Additional support available in Calderdale

As well as accessing the support available through the NHS and your GP practice the following services may also be able to help in your recovery from COVID.

You can contact these services direct at any time during your recovery you do not need a referral from a health professional. 

Lifestyle support

  • Better Living Service– Offers support to help you improve your lifestyle such as physical activity and exercise, weight management 01422 230230

Support for your mental wellbeing

Voluntary groups that can helping you feel less lonely and isolated

Practical information and advice to help you to live independently at home